Traditional architecture


The town of Cabanillas de la Sierra has a linear structure, which originated around Royal Street to the core backbone from north to south, forming two distinct poles of growth: a linear one around Royal Street, where buildings are aligned as the old inn and the town houses, and other pole of organic growth that characterizes the rest of the nucleus, where the sets include mixed residential agricultural.

Houses: these buildings often have substantially rectangular plants developed in one or two levels, characterized by secrecy own architectural systems harsh climates.

Old Hostel: This building s. XIX located in Royal Street contained spaces for accommodation of passengers and horses. Its plan is rectangular and its composition is simple and symmetrical.


Puente de los Arrieros



Agricultural residential mixed clusters: spread in the town. Distinguished in its structure the following areas according to use:

The house itself which the kitchen and the bedrooms are found.

The cottages for the pigs.

The barns used to store grain and cattle.


Puente de los Arrieros