Natural environment

A privilege environment


Cabanillas de la Sierra is located between two river valleys, the stream of Sacedon, a tributary of Jarama's river, found in the Eastern part of the village, and the stream of Albalá, a tributary of Guadalix's river, in the western part.

The varied geology of Cabanillas has brought the development of a wide diversity of vegetation, such as ancient forests of oak, magnificent junipers, wide meadows with beautiful ash trees sustainably exploited for centuries, old farmlands and countless aromatic herbs like cistus, lavenders, thymes and brooms, not to mention the amazing riverside forests next to streams of clear water.

These forests hold a diverse and amazing wildlife. While we are walking, we can see many raptors like common buzzards flying over the mountains, the red kites hovering over the preys or griffon vulture and golden eagle lingering magnificently over the sky of Cabanillas. We will also enjoy the nightingale's songs, robins and other kind of birds.

In our way, we can see when many representative animals of Mediterranean forests like rabbits or wood pigeon. The streams of the area host a great diversity of amphibians and reptiles like common toad and frog and the water snake. On summer night, we can find the boar, the dormouse, the tawny owl and weasel.

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