The flavour of our festivals


There are several festivals in our municipality, which welcome the visitors joyfully and treated like one of the neighbors. You should not miss the following events:


Cruz de Mayo: on May 3rd, celebrated to honor the Virgin of May where children garnish a cross with flowers. They visit house to house to show the virgin and people gives monetary offering which at the end, the money is used for a great snack.


Fiestas Del Corpus: it is celebrated on Sunday after the Corpus day, during the month of June. There are many activities performed like and open-air dance, the making of great paella, bullfighting and the preparation of the traditional stew. The main activity is the Procesión del Corpus.


Fiesta Corpus



Fiesta del Veraneante: held during the month of July. The City Council invites to an appetizer of “callos a la madrileña“ accompanied with very good wine and beer. At night, there is a music festival, called “Majuelo Rock”.



Día de los puches: on October 31st, at the sun set, young men of the municipality prepare a fire at the field and eat “puches”, a sweet dessert, made of flour, oil, milk, sugar and aniseed, which is typical from the village.


The Immaculate: this is the most important festivity among the young people in the municipality. On the morning of December 8th, there is a procession of the Immaculate Virgin. At night, the young people light the La Luminaria with a bonfire with thyme, which previously collected. The fellowship of the Purisima Conception of Inmaculada invites all participants around the fire to hot chocolate and roasted potatoes in the ashes.