A treasure to discover


Cabanillas, since countless years ago, has been an important geographic enclave due to its location in the “Camino Real de Burgos” and the ravines that pass through its district, and have shaped the economy of the village and its evolving urban. Cabanillas de la Sierra maintains a rich architectural heritage which worth to be visited while walking through the village, highlights include:


The Church of Saint John the Baptist: a baroque-styled church built in 17th century but has undergone several renovations. Situated on a hillock in the eastern part of the village overlooking the valley, shows a great simplicity of lines and volumes and total absence of ornamentation on the exterior walls. Highlighted the majestic bulrush placed at the bottom of the building. It interior was recently renovated.


Iglesia de San Juan Bautista


The City Hall: originally built in 1943 and has recently been restored. It has two levels and a clock tower, which is a typical architecture of the city hall of that time.





Puente de los Arrieros: known in Cabanillas de la Sierra as old bridge and built in 1783 as a part of Camino Real de Burgos. It has only one eye and it was made of ashlars and with a segmental arch, extending the walls along the road. It is well preserved.


Puente de los Arrieros


Discovering the traditional architecture of Cabanillas de la Sierra